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Other Workshops

Leadership Workshop

Generally, this workshop is available only for churches that have completed theĀ initial Vision and Mission Workshop. This customized workshop is held between six and eighteen months after the first workshop, and is focused on exploring the degree of success that leadership has experienced with implementing changes stemming from that workshop. Common topics and themes explored in this workshop are:
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  • The history of the church leading up to the Clarity workshop, and events since
  • Healing from past pains
  • Identifying remaining baggage
  • Dealing with current conflict
  • Understanding enmeshment, schisms, passive-aggressive behavior, triangulation
  • Identifying and describing the realities and challenges of change
  • Outreach and hospitality
  • The areas of tension in which leadership happens

Since this followup workshop is heavily customized for each church, costs are always quoted. Further, this can sometimes be a one-day event; in other instances, it may require a two-day schedule (similar to that used for the Clarity workshop). Participation is generally limited to clergy, staff, and laity in defined positions of leadership.

Custom Staff & Leadership Workshops

We offer customized, staff- and leadership-focused workshops on a variety of topics, including:

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  • Effective leadership in the current context
  • Team building
  • Conflict management


These workshops are crafted in conversation with church leadership, so costs are always quoted. Contact us to talk about possibilities!

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The (Not-So-)Fine Print

Expense Costs

In addition to our base rates, we add travel expenses for work done outside of the Denver metro area. These fees include all reasonable and customary travel expenses including coach airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, and related out of pocket expenses. A complete travel expense report will be submitted with our invoice.

Contracting With Us

When you decide to enter into a contract with us, we will send you a formal contract. Once the contract is signed, a deposit of 15% of our base fee will be required in order to reserve the dates of the workshop. If we cancel the workshop, the deposit will be returned to you. If you cancel the workshop, the deposit will be retained by us and applied to future workshops or consultations for a period of one year from the date of cancellation.


Invoices will be sent from Barlow Consulting LLC, terms net 30.