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Many of the most effective pastors in ministry today are partnered with coaches. A coach operates as a vehicle to help the leader get where he/she wants to go. The client’s agenda is the focus of the coaching conversation – the coach adds perspective, insight, and resources – mainly by listening, asking powerful questions, and offering encouragement. These partnerships provide the leader with:

  • An outside conversation partner who has no agenda or investment in the ministry of the church other than a passion for seeing vital ministry happen
  • An accountability partner who can ask questions, challenge assumptions, and help keep goals in sight
  • A source of collegial wisdom and experience
  • A rich networking resource, helping to make connections with clergy and leaders who have faced similar issues

It is essential to understand this about coaching: having a coach is a sign of strong leadership, not weakness! Professional athletes are in connection with each other – and, therefore, might have ‘peer’ coaches – but they also have professional coaches who are connected with other coaches, and who are specifically tasked with staying on top of trends and developments in their fields. The same is true for clergy! Coaches provide safe space for conversation, accountability, and on-going leadership development and growth. A good coaching relationship is an investment in the future of your ministry leadership!

Our standard coaching fee, regardless of church size, is $100 per month. This includes one hour of telephone conversation per month, along with essentially unlimited e-mail exchanges. In-person coaching is available in the Colorado “front range” area (see the Fine Print, below).

On-site, in-person coaching visits outside of that area are possible at a rate is $500 per day.

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The (Not-So-)Fine Print

Expense Costs

In addition to our base rates, we add travel expenses for on-site work done outside of the Colorado “front range” area, which we define as an area boundaried by Colorado Springs on the south, Fort Collins on the north, and the general metropolitan areas in between the two. These fees include all reasonable and customary travel expenses including coach airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, and related out of pocket expenses. A complete travel expense report will be submitted with our invoice.

Contracting With Us

When you decide to enter into a coaching contract with one of our coaches, you will receive a formal contract. This contract can be cancelled at any time, with one month’s notice. Our coaching fees are charged monthly, and can be charged to a credit or debit card. If you discern that the coaching is helpful, discounts are available for longer-term, payment-in-advance situations.


Invoices will be sent from Barlow Consulting LLC, terms net 30, or directly from the coach we connect you with – in which case, the terms are between you and the coach.