A comfortable, functional space is critical for successful meetings. As we have noted elsewhere, we can provide a space for an additional fee (this usually means that we will be meeting at a conference center). By far, it is easier for churches to request the use of meeting space at another church or organization – for, perhaps, a small donation.

Here is what we need in the space:

    • Comfortable chairs, arranged around tables
    • A screen and video projector with a VGA input, and an extension cord
    • A small lectern (or even a music stand)
    • A side table for handouts and miscellaneous stuff
    • A side table for snacks and drinks

For snacks and drinks:

    • Some healthy snacks are helpful (fruit, etc.)
    • Coffee and soda
    • Water
    • When we work over lunch (which is the usual for our Saturday workshops), lunch should be provided – and should not require workshop participants to prepare it!

What we will bring:

    • Materials for the tables, including handouts up to the number provided under our contract
    • Some additional goodies to share with participants during our conversations